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ICS Cleaning Specialist is dedicated to providing cleaning and restoration/remediation professionals with the most current and relevant information available to the industry. We make it our business to disseminate the technical knowhow and marketing knowledge in a variety of disciplines, the information you need to succeed, to the companies that need it the most. Our website, social media network (Clean Restore Connect) and monthly e-newsletter put us in reach with the click of a mouse.

ICS Cleaning Specialist Magazine ceased publication with the April 2015 issue.

Click to view:  Vol.54, No.3 April 2015
Vol.54, No.3  29.37 MB pdf

In This Issue:
The ICS Roundtable: Green Cleaning

Take 2: Blind, Air Duct Cleaning as Add-Ons
Back to Basics: Injection Sprayers
Building a Faithful Client Base Through Newsletters

Click to view:  Vol.54, No.2 March 2015
Vol.54, No.2  21.91 MB pdf

In This Issue:
How to Gear Up for the Spring Cleaning Season

Inside Green Chemistry: Levels of Toxicity
ICS Roundtable: From the Executives
Terrazzo Floors 101: What You Need to Know

Click to view:  Vol.54, No.1 January / February 2015
Vol.54, No.1  31.58 MB pdf

Survive or Thrive in Winter?


Commercial Cleaning and the Flu
What's New with Rugs
4 Things to Know Before Getting Into Contents Cleaning

Click to view:  Vol.53, No.9 November / December 2014
Vol.53, No.9  27.65 MB pdf

Get (and Keep) More Customers by Understanding the 6 Reasons People Clean


How to Get Better Meter Readings
ICS Roundtable: The Future of Truckmount Development
The ICS 2014Directory and Buying Guide

October 2014
Vol.53, No.8  14.36 MB pdf

A Step-by-Step Overview on Upholstery Cleaning

ALSO ...

The Deodorizing Principles in Restoration
Is Facebook Advertising Still Relevant?
The Rotary Extractor - Is it for You?

September 2014
Vol.53, No.7  24.15 MB pdf

Business Might: Leveraging Fortune 500 Technologies in Your Cleaning Company

ALSO ...

Moisture Detection and Moisture Mapping
New Markets for Disinfectant Services
Neighborhood Marketing with Doorknob Hangers

August 2014
Vol.53, No.6  27.22 MB pdf

What Makes for Good Training?

ALSO ...

Combating Carpet Mold
The 3 Most Profitable Marketing Choices for Cleaners
Traffic Lane Cleaning Tips and Tricks

June/July 2014
Vol.53, No.5  30.40 MB pdf

If it's on the Floor, Can You Service it?


A Look at Add-Ons Worth Adding
Google Wars! Why is Google De-Ranking Cleaning Websites?
Silk Rugs: What Can a Cleaner Do?

May 2014
Vol.53, No.4  21.44 MB pdf

Rayon: A Rug Specialist's Challenge


Stain Removal: Simplified, Not Mystified
Should a Carpet Cleaner Advertise on Craigslist?
What's the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

April 2014
Vol.53, No.3  28.81 MB pdf

The "Greening" of Carpet Cleaning


The Pursuit and Perception of "Going Green"
When is Clean Truly "Green?"
How to Market a "Green" Cleaning Business

March, 2014
Vol.53, No.2  36.31 MB pdf

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Hard Floor Maintenance Career Development

Prepping the Job (And Your Client)
The Key to a Reliable Cleaning Business
Creative Drying Techniques for Problematic Areas

January/February 2014
Vol.53, No.1  27.90 MB pdf

Truckmounts or Portables: That is the Question

Pumps 101: An A-to-Z Guide on the Heart of the Truckmount
The 2014 Truckmount Equipment & Accessories Guide
How to Market the Benefits of Your Cleaning System

November 2013
Vol.52, No.7  28.68 MB pdf

Innovation and Advances in Cleaning and Restoration

Also ...

Moisture Meters: Continuing to Change for the Better
The ICS 2013 Directory and Buying Guide
Technology in Cleaning and Restoration

August 2013
Vol.52, No.6  26.33 MB pdf

The Industry Innovators: A Look at How Some of Today’s Top Equipment Came to be
Are You in the Know? Examining Industry Training Programs
Women in Cleaning and Restoration
5 Marketing Strategies You Should be Doing (But Probably Aren’t)

June 2013
Vol.52, No.5  23.95 MB pdf

What’s Your Add-On? The ICS Diversification Issue
How to Market Additional Services
Truckmounts: The Key Cog to Many Add-On Services
Five Things to Know about Air Duct Cleaning

April 2013
Vol.52, No.4  18.28 MB pdf

Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning: Where Does the Dirt Go?
Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Restoration
Phenomenal Leadership Systems: Your Vision

An Introduction to Rug Conservation, Restoration and Repair

March 2013
Vol.52, No.3  17.25 MB pdf

Starting a Rug Washing Center? Here’s What You Need to Know
Using E-mail Marketing to Convert Prospects and Keep Clients
Carpet Fiber Identification: What’s What?
Cleaning, Preserving and Protecting Hardwood Floors

February 2013
Vol.52, No.2  13.03 MB pdf

Gadgets Over The Ages
The History of Carpet Cleaning Chemistry
Advertising Tips to Bust Out of the Winter Lull

The ICS 50th Anniversary Issue: Reflections and Memories

January 2013
Vol.52, No.1  32.82 MB pdf

The 2013 ICS Truckmount Equipment and Accessories Guide
Non-Invasive Moisture Meters: Fast, Efficient and Hassle-Free
A Solvent Situation: Gum Gone Bad

A Look at the Latest Tools for Wall and Cavity Drying

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